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Meet November's Featured Member : Jenai May

November 02, 2023 7:33 PM | Jenai May (Administrator)

Jenai May
Silver Rockets Web & Graphic Design

Jenai May is the geeky creative and "pixel perfectionist" behind Silver Rockets Web & Graphic Design (est. 1996). Over the years, Jenai's personable approach has earned a loyal following of happy clients. She is passionate about designing WordPress websites and graphic elements that effectively and authentically represent her customers' brands. She adores working with clients who are newly embarking on new business ventures and sharing in the excitement of every launch.

Business success has not come easy for Jenai. This is partly due to being a woman working in a traditionally male industry, yet mostly because she’s navigated the business realm with a neurodivergent mind at the helm. Now Jenai is offering NeuroSpicy Business Mentoring for those who are similarly burdened. Her gentle methods alleviate the challenges and anxiety commonly faced by entrepreneurs living with spectrum qualities such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and giftedness.

Even though Jenai works from home, she’s not been entirely alone. This is largely because of WESO. Jenai is WESO's Marketing Director and has served on the board since 2017. Gratitude fuels her desire to volunteer. This is because of the phenomenal women of WESO and the heaps of education and support they provide, which have enabled Jenai to achieve more than she ever imagined herself capable of doing. To Jenai, WESO is not just a business network, it is a community.

Beyond the business realm, Jenai is a multifaceted nerdy historian whose interests are scattered among noveling, genealogy, calligraphy, numismatics, embroidery, gaming, and vintage cookery. She shares her home with two daughters, a neurotic dog, lazy cat, kindly corn snake, and an elderly chicken (who begrudgingly stays outside). Jenai also volunteers her time as founder of the Southern Oregon Creatives Network (SOCN) and as the Rogue Valley’s Municipal Liaison (ML) for NaNaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).



Photo by WESO member, Bridget Cline Photography

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